Myanmar Spring’s young revolutionaries meet with the Head of the Special Envoy Office on Myanmar and express concern over ASEAN’s continued failure to address Myanmar crisis

Press Statement

On 3 July 2023, Myanmar Springs young revolutionaries met with the Head of Special Envoy Office on Myanmar, H.E. Ambassador Ngurah Swajaya.

The Myanmar young revolutionaries in attendance consisted of 26 youth who represent a number of organizations, networks and coalitions with diverse revolutionary backgrounds, such as strike committees and armed resistance organizations, which were formed during the Spring Revolution, as well as ethnic youth organizations, unions and networks, and civil society organizations working on ethnic equality and self-determination, democracy, human rights, justice and accountability, and humanitarian issues since prior to the Spring Revolution.

During the meeting, the representatives expressed their concern and frustration over the ineffectiveness and failure of ASEAN to stop the terrorist military juntas violence and atrocities against Myanmar people over the past two years since the adoption of the Five-Point Consensus (5PC) on 24 April 2021. They raised that the continuation of the ineffective 5PC will only embolden the terrorist junta to commit further crimes and exacerbate the plight of the people of Myanmar.