Human Rights awareness training

EQMM conducts a series of approximately fifteen 5-day human rights education trainings at each training center.

Thematic workshop

EQMM conducts at least five 3-day workshops on more in-depth HRE topics for participants seeking greater coverage of a specific issue or skill, such as community organizing, facilitation skills, advocacy work, land rights, and freedoms of expression, assembly and association. Local and international resource persons with thematic expertise will provide support for the preparation of materials and workshop facilitation. The workshops will serve as opportunities for further engagement with training alumni as well as internal capacity building for trainers.

Community Event

Each center organizes events marking international days related to the promotion and protection of human rights. In 2014, events will be held on the International Day of Peace; International Human Rights Day; and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, among others. The centers will also support the organization of events led by network partners.