Complaints, Incidents and Feedback

EQMM’s policy for complaints and response includes the option of sending a complaint to Equality Myanmar online.


EQMM’s Complaints Policy Statement

It is integral to Equality Myanmar’s (EQMM) mission to ensure that we work with integrity and accountability to all our important stakeholders. EQMM has a responsibility to ensure its actions and activities are safe, professional, fair, and in compliance with our programmatic aims, policies, and obligations.

To this end, we are committed to implement a complaint & incident policy that enables individuals and organizations to raise complaints and give feedback on our work, as well as the work funded by EQMM carried out by partners. This system also enables EQMM staff to report incidents.

There may be occasions when EQMM does not meet the expectations of all stakeholders, or when we fail to live up to our commitments. When, or if this occurs, beneficiaries, partners, other stakeholders, and EQMM staff have the right to complain.

The benefit for EQMM in receiving complaints is to get input on programs, projects, and overall management. It will help identify problems and support timely response, which will improve the quality of our work and reduce the potential for inefficient or misuse of the resources entrusted to us. Lastly, it builds trust with our stakeholders, and seeks to empower them through the ability to easily give feedback and raise complaints about our work.


Welcome to EQMM’s whistleblowing function

EQMM is committed to maintaining an environment where legitimate concerns can be reported without fear of retaliatory action or retribution.

When a person makes such a disclosure, they are entitled to expect that:

  • Their identity always remains confidential to the extent permitted by law or is practical in the circumstances,
  • They will be protected from reprisal, harassment, or victimization for making the report,
  • Should retaliation occur for having made the disclosure then EQMM will treat it as grave misconduct under the HR policy.

EQMM encourages employees, suppliers, service providers, business partners and others to report suspicious events into the Whistleblower function.


In order to submit your complaint, please fill out the online form.

If you have any questions regarding EQMM’s complaints system, please contact us at