HR and women rights training conduct in Mayangone

Equality Myanmar Yangon team organized a human rights and women’s training from April 23th to 28th at Equality Myanmar Training Center in Yangon, Mayangone Township, Myanmar.

The purpose of this training was to have a network between the participants’ organization and Equality Myanmar for further cooperation and coordination, and to have a strong relationship among the participants to be able to work in the community, to understand international Human Rights and national Human Rights Law and to gain knowledge of Gender and Women’s Rights in order to apply them in their respective organizations and daily lives.

During the training, sections on Human Rights such as HR definition, UDHR articles, HR development, HR Types and HR Action, as well as Women’s Rights such as Sex and Gender, Gender Roles, Stereotypes, Gender based Discrimination and CEDAW Articles were delivered.

The training gave participants increased presentation skills, socializing skills and public speaking skills. Knowledge of HR and Women’s Rights issues linking with political issues were gained. Most of the participants themselves realized and committed to change some sensitive attitudes towards LGBTI group.

One of the participants said, “I learned many things from this training, especially about the team work between the trainers regarding conducting trainings and organizing logistical management.”

Another participant admitted, “Before this training, I used to hate LGBT groups. Now, the trainings gave me motivation to change towards positive attitudes and actions towards them.”

Another participant added, “I really want to contribute this kind of knowledge to my community as a trainer. At the same time, I need a lot of capacity to be a trainer to fulfill my expectations. So, I welcome you all to give me a hand.”

It was a platform for participants to get to know each other and their organizations and activities. The training somehow also brought the participants to study more about the country’s history and socio-economic situation. Moreover, networking between Equality Myanmar and participants’ organizations has built.

With representatives of Political Party Members, and CBO and NGO staff from different levels, overall 20 participants were involved in the training.

This training was the first human rights training of the 2013 schedule in a new training center of Equality Myanmar as well as with newly recruited trainers.