Submission to the UN UPR of Myanmar July 2020: Human Rights Violations in the Armed Conflicts in Arakan, Burma/Myanmar

This submission was prepared for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in July, 2020. Within it, the All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress (AASYC) evaluates the implementation of recommendations made to the Government of
Myanmar (GoM) in its previous UPR, assesses the national human rights framework and the human rights situation on the ground, and makes a number of recommendations to the government of Myanmar to address the human rights challenges outlined in this report.

Efforts to make the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) inclusive failed in Arakan State. The Arakan National Council (ANC) and its armed wing the Arakan Army (AA), as well as the United League of Arakan (ULA) and its armed wing, the Arakan Army (AA) were unable to sign the NCA due to non-negotiable terms put forward relating to a requirement to disband.

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