Awareness Raising Seminar in Lashio

An awareness raising seminar with regard to human rights was held on 8 April 2019 at Two Elephant Hotel, in Lashio, Shan state.

The seminar was attended by staff from the department of social welfare, Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, Hluttaw representatives, civil society organizations and change agents.

U Sai Oo Khan, a Pyithu Hluttaw representative from Hseni township delivered an opening speech by saying that “I hope our expected change will happen when Hluttaw representatives ask questions or present proposal after civil society organizations have listened to the voice of the public and passed the information to Hluttaw representatives. This practice is really good. I know that you all come here to achieve the purpose of the meeting. Let’s work together to make something change for the public with regard to human rights.”
U Arr Kar Hein Soe, a Deputy Director of Myanmar National Human Rights Commission explained the information in detail with regard to the role of MNHRC, human rights education programs, the situation of handling human rights violation, the ways of how to complain and complaints mechanism. And then, he answered the questions of the attendees.

Daw Nang Khin Htar Yee, a member of Education, Health, Women and Children Affairs Committee, Hseni township constituency (1), added her opinion on the event, “It is so supportive to us when we hear the voice of CSOs. And also, it is useful for us as we come to realize the activity, structure and authorities of Myanmar National Human Rights Commission.”

Together with U Maie Thein Zaw, a state Hluttaw representative, Executive of Manton township constituency (1) (Peasants, Workers and Youth Affairs Committee), U Aung Thu (Lashio township Constituency (2), Leader of sub-group of coordination and negotiation, Governments’ Guarantees, Pledges and Undertaking Vetting Committee) and U Aung Zin, a Supreme Court lawyer (ROL National Trainer, Legal Aid Group), 17 civil society organizations attended the meeting and discussed relevant information respectively.

Eric May, Executive Director of Women’s LEAD said, “I will also share the discussed information to the consortium partners of Women’s LEAD who can also refer to relevant groups when human rights violation is encountered.”

Daw Nan That, regional coordinator of Local Resource Center Lashio Office said, “I would like to thank Hluttaw representatives, local authorities, MNHRC, CA and partner organizations for attending here although you are busy with your work. The event will be so effective. It will be very useful for CAs and also they can learn a lot of knowledge as the organizations working on legal affairs join here.”

The main purpose of the awareness raising seminar is to have a better understanding the role and actions of Myanmar National Human Rights Commission and to find out possible ways of how to mitigate the challenges by exchanging difficulties and challenges of civil society organizations working on human rights in Northern Shan state.

Rights for All project is being implemented by Equality Myanmar, Local Resource Center and DCA-NCA with the fund of the European Union.