Equality Myanmar Annual Report 2022


Message from Equality Myanmar’s Executive Director

Despite we faced critical situation, high risks and challenge after 2021 attempted military coup, we tried to conceptualize and contextualize our program design and plan in line with our mission and needs and issues of affected communities.

Through the support of various donors and international communities, we effectively kept our organization standing strong, and implemented our program activities with our four strategies: Human Rights Education, Human Rights Documentation, Advocacy and Emergency Supports.

The year of 2022 was full of changes! We did not renew our registration in Myanmar. The new board of directors was reconstituted and our organization was legally registered in Thailand. Then, we opened our head administrative office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And I joined as the executive director at the mid of 2022. So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing the executive director for her contribution in the difficult transition period. Additionally, we strengthened our organization strategy from the short-term transitional strategy to 2021-2023 organization strategy with the strategically analysis and planning. The staffing structure has reviewed with the changes of organization strategy and program design. And we considered the safety of staff members as the high priority and we arranged to relocate them to the safer places. The existing organization’s policies and guidelines have been reviewed and updated to adapt with the changing environment. This year we reached our plan targets and effectively implemented our strategic intervention. All the projects strategic intervention had the positive contributions to reach our goals. Despite the challenges and constraints, it has been a productive year.

Therefore, I would like to express my sincerely thanks, graceful gratitude and acknowledgement to everyone who worked with us, supported us, contributed their efforts to us, and believed in us. I am writing to give special thanks to all these people with our EQMM’s great heart and spirit in the name of Human Rights, Peace, and Democracy. This is our courage, empowerment, and spirit to work for the human rights for all, building federal democratic society, peace and tolerant in Myanmar.

In Solidarity,

Daw Sandar Executive Director

Equality Myanmar

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