Submission for the 3rd Cycle of Universal Periodic Review of Myanmar


This joint report is submitted by the Myanmar Child Rights Coalitions (MCRC)1 and focused on the issues related to children’s rights in Myanmar by referring to the recommendations from the 2nd Cycle of UPR which were being committed to implementing them by Government of Myanmar. This joint submission particularly focuses on three main sections: 1) Child Rights Law 2) Access to Education and 3) Violence Against Children. In each section, there are sub-topics which contained and highlighted the situation of children’s rights based on the information obtained from the implementation of child-focused organizations on the ground, consultation with CSOs, and the secondary data. The data, information, and findings from project implementation on the ground by the NGOs and CSOs’ reports (consultation with children) are referred to in this report. This joint submission was prepared by organizing consecutive consultation meetings with the CSOs who contributed information and participated along with fruitful discussions during the meetings. This 3rd Cycle UPR is the 2nd joint submission of MCRC as it made the 1st joint submission in the 2nd UPR Cycle in 2015.

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