HR awareness training conducted in Mandalay

The Equality Myanmar Mandalay team organized a human rights awareness training from April 24th to 29th at the Equality Myanmar Training Center in Mandalay, Myanmar.

It aimed to achieve the knowledge of human rights principles, human rights history, 30 articles of UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), step by step development of human rights, and pros and cons of freedom to speech and march.

After human right concepts and principles were clarified, human rights knowledge and education in this transitional period will be delivered for those who suffered while the regime ruled. Moreover, freedom to speech and march will be proceeded to achieve for citizens.

A participant said, “This is my first time attending such a training. After Application forms were given to my organization I just filled out the form. However, I prefer this training regarding the free discussion with multi knowledge as well as getting to know many things and books. I will contribute to my mother organization.”

Another participant said, “It is interesting. I came to know the weak points of freedom to speech and march by the official statement released from the government.”

The next participant added, “I want this kind of training to be conducted not only in towns, but also in rural areas. Even though there are many human rights violations in rural areas, the residents themselves do not know they have been violated.”

From the NLD (National League for Democracy), NDF (National Democratic Front) and NUP (National Unity Party) members, overall 20 participants from Shwe Bo and Mandalay participated.

The training was led by the Equality Myanmar Mandalay trainers team followed by group activities, presentations, approached and socializing, and game activities.