Holding a Workshop on Documentation about Serious Violation of Child Rights in Armed Conflict

A workshop on documentation about child rights violation cases, especially encountered in armed conflict was jointly organized by Equality Myanmar and Country Task Force for Monitoring and Reporting(CTFRM) from 26th to 28th February 2019 in Myikkyina, Kachin state.

Together with Sayama Toe Toe Myint from Equality Myanmar, Sayama Nang Zay Ya from UNICEF, Sayama Naw Khu Phaw and Saya Sithu Hein who are the members of CTFMR, discussed in the workshop as focal speakers. The workshop was attended by 5 males and 13 females who are the representatives from 11 civil society organizations from Kachin state.

Basic human right, worsening human right violation, especially child rights in armed conflict, monitoring, reporting process and policies, and background information were discussed.

In addition, the documentation plan for 2019 March-May, two-month plan, were drawn up.

Based on the findings, reporting and advocacy processes will be undertaken.