Project Need Assessment Survey

Project Need Assessment Survey

To support grassroots advocacy and strengthen human rights projects in Myanmar, Equality Myanmar conducted a need assessment survey with the funding of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

The first need assessment survey was taken to Open Development Foundation which is an organization located in Kanpetlet, Chin State from 6 – 9 Feb 2020.

EQMM conducted the need assessment of Open Development Foundation (OFD) existing organizational policy, finance policy and human resource policy which an aims to provide, (1) relevant training and technical support for the smooth and effective project implementation (2) to draw effective project design and management and (3) to address local community problem through utilizing Human Rights-based approach.

Naing Htung who is a Project Coordinator of (ODF) said that; “I hope that this project will enhance the local people to aware of their social issues and problems from their region and also enable to manage the sustainable development project”

Another similar survey will be carried soon in Mon State and Magway division where the project will be based.

Lastly, the EQMM team and ODF team were able to draw up monthly plans for the project after survey questionnaires were conducted. The survey was led by Ko Kyaw Phyo Han (EQMM-Community Development Coordinator), Ko Kyaw Min Oo (EQMM-Development Coordinator), Taul Sawan Khai (EQMM-Development Coordinator).