ASEAN CSO Conference/ASEAN People’s Forum was held in Bangkok of Thailand from 10 to 12 of September. Myanmar Civil Society Core Group ASEAN recounted experiences on the event on Wednesday.

ASEAN People’s Forum is an annual gathering of the civil society organizations based ASEAN initiative by CSO. The forum involved plenary, workshop, interface meeting national process and statements developing. Representatives from 11 countries focused on ASEAN response to peace, equality, sustainability and democracy in Southeast Asia; and ASEAN’s response to these challenges towards effective and equal partnership for advancing people centered ASEAN, Advancing people’s movement and alternatives in South East Asia, town all dialogues with Foreign Ministers of South East Asia countries.

Executive Director, Equality Myanmar, Aung Myo Min said “This is the ASEAN CSOs initiative event and this is the noninterference of the government.” “So, it was a great adventure and great event because it created a space civil society groups for ASEAN to share it. And also learn from each other and we have a plenary and we have a speakers from many countries to explain about what is the issue that are ASEAN people are facing.” “This year we have 8 workshops under the 8 convergent. So, it likes human rights, peace, investment, migration and also so many topics.”

This year statements covered seven areas such as peace, human rights, security, investment, migration, and extracted business. It will be delivered to the ASEAN leaders to create engagement with CSOs and government to make better ASEAN.

Executive Director, Equality Myanmar, Aung Myo Min said “So, it comes out recommendation or statement of the ASEAN people forum. So, this letter statement and recommendation we made in a statement will be reflecting to their both national level as Myanmar government or at the same time ASEAN association. So, what we called for the justice these human right and nondiscrimination will reflect in the government policy and ASEAN future work.”

More than 1000 participants from ASEAN regional countries joined the 3-day ASEAN People’s Forum.