TOT alumni Shwe Sagaing CBO Human Rights training in Kale Township


26 – 30 April 2014 (Kale Township, Sagaing Division, Myanmar)

Equality Myanmar (Mandalay) TOT alumni Shwe Sagaing CBO has conducted a five days Human Rights training in Kale started from 26 – 30 May 2014 in Myo Oo Monastery, Sagaing Division, Kale.

The training was led by Equality Myanmar’s TOT alumni trainers (from Shwe Sagaing CBO ) as it is part of their sharing from what they had gained at TOT to the community. Totally 17 participants; school teachers and CBO workers, from various educational backgrounds, attended the training.

The objective of the training was to come out mutual understanding and respect between participants; to enable to share human rights information to their respective community; to find out solutions for various human rights violations in the community; and to know the existing national complaint mechanism.

One participant of the training said that, “In my earlier life, I thought that human rights is contrary to our religion teachings and beliefs, but now I came to realize that these two are interdependent.”

Another participant added his opinion that, “In fact, I was forced to attend this training by our monk, but day after day, I found very interesting and touching for what I have learnt during the training.”


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