TOT alumni Rakine CBO: Human Rights training in MyaePon, Arakan State


26 – 30 April 2014 (Myaebon Township, Rakine State, Myanmar)

Equality Myanmar (Mandalay) TOT alumni Rakine CBO has accomplished a five day’s multiplier human rights training started from 26 to 30 April, at Chaung Gyi, May Pong Township, Arakan State.

The training was a multiplier training at which EQMM’s TOT participants (from Rakine CBO) were obliged to conduct peer training in the mean of sharing for what they have learnt during TOT. In this training, there were three TOT alumni who led the whole training to 25 participants.

The training brought a lot of human rights topics and information such as definition and concept history of human rights, UDHR articles (30), Types of human rights and Group Rights, and National Complaint Mechanism.

As a result of the training, participants came to break out from fear to outspoken, maximize participants’ team work and mutual understanding, and increase their knowledge and update information.

One participant stated that, “I gained a lot of human rights related information and types of human rights violation. I believe I am going to apply in my daily life for what I have learnt in this training.”

The other participant added that, “I think every human being need human rights, so everybody should learn human rights.”