successfully conducted the ‘Basic Human Rights Training’ in Pyinmana Township


21-25 February 2014 (Pyinmana Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar)

Equality Myanmar (formerly known as Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (H.R.E.I.B)) successfully conducted basic Human Rights Training at NLD branch office in Pyinmana Township from 21 to 25 February 2014.

In this training, 31 participants are attended mainly from political party members, quarter heads, village development and civil society groups’ members from six different wards and villages. This training was the first Human Rights training which was conducted in the Pyin Ma Na Town.

The idea of this training were that to build mutual friendship between participants from different areas, and then making a strong alliance as well as to strengthen mutual collaborations and cooperation between them, to get knowledge about the standard and norms of International Human Rights, to formulate the assessment between the 2008 Constitution and Myanmar Laws, to evaluate the current situations Myanmar Human Rights issues.

The concepts of basic Human Rights, the history of human right and Universal Declaration for Human Rights, the categories of Human Rights and its development, group rights, 30 articles of UDHR, comparison between civil and political rights and 2008 National Constitution Section (8), Human Rights development and level of Complaint Mechanisms were discussed during training.

Moreover, the challenges of current Myanmar Human Rights situation, the human rights perspective on the conflicts between ethnic groups and religious issues, Land Laws and legal procedures awareness, the analysis of the requirement for civil rights in 2008 Constitution Section (8), share information about human rights violation in their own communities, were discussed in training. The training was facilitated by two trainers by using participatory methodology such as discussion, presentation, drawing pictures, and watching documentary films.

To utter the feedback of this training, “I have little serious religious issues, but now I know I should have no discrimination. I am so glad to attend this training” said a female trainee. Another male trainee added that “For me, the most interesting part is the topics of Human Rights are already embraced in our religion, culture and beliefs”.

The training participants are committed that they will share their knowledge related Human Rights issues in their own communities. The trainers were also requested to aid supporting training materials and tools in order to do deliver multipliers trainings by trainees in the near future.


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