Successfully conducted Basic Human Rights Training in Pekon Township


Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00Equality Myanmar (YGN)

26 -30 April 2014 (Pekon Township, Shan (South) State, Myanmar)

Equality Myanmar (formerly known as Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (H.R.E.I.B)), Yangon Team, conducted five-day Basic Human Rights training in Pekon Township from 26 to 30 April.

The training was successfully organized with 24 participants from political parties, women organizations and individuals who are interested in Human Rights at Kayan Women Organization at Pekon.

The leading Trainers Ma Nandar and Ma Toe Toe Myint used the participatory method such as group discussions and pair discussions to conduct Human Rights Concept, UDHR History, the interconnection of 2008 Constitution and Human Rights, Group Rights, Complaint Mechanism in five days training.

One Participant said about her conceptual change “At first, I didn’t know about Human Rights. After attending the training, I realized what Human Rights is and what we have to do to ensure to get Human Rights”.

One participant said his gained knowledge on Human Rights history of Myanmar “I gained the knowledge of Human Rights history as well as Myanmar Human Rights history which I didn’t know”.