Strategic Planning Workshop of Equality Myanmar in Pyinoolwin


4-6 February 2014 (Pyinoolwin Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar)

Strategic Planning Workshop of Equality Myanmar for Year 2014.

Equality Myanmar (formerly known as Human Rights Education Institute of Burma) conducted a strategic planning workshop at Royal Reward Resort Hotel in Pyin Oo Lwin started from 4 February to 6 February, 2014. 34 staff members of Equality Myanmar/HREIB who have been working in different programs/organization such as United Act, Colors Rainbow, and Rays of Rainbow which based in Thailand and Myanmar, were attended.

The workshop objectives were to review last year strategic plan and current organization activities, analyze Myanmar’s political, economic, and social situation, open a channel for staff members to discuss individual challenges then reform a better organizational management system, and make a short term and long term strategic plan.

At the first section, the participants discussed about organizational values, individual level, organization level and national level changes within 2012 and 2013. At the second section, each team (programs/admin/finance/management) reviewed last year’s strategic planning, identified team’s strength and weakness, designed how to overcome weakness and challenges and reviewed current political situation. Then the organization could establish strategic planning which were relevant with organization’s mission and vision for the next five years.

As the impact of the workshop, Equality Myanmar and other relevant organizations could review their accomplished organization works, achievement and challenges as well as the strategies how to overcome the challenges in the future. And it made to increasing staff interpersonal relationship and trust building each other. They could share different experiences, achievement, and challenges each other. Moreover, a strong strategic planning for next five years were established.

Administrative & Finance Manager of Equality Myanmar said, “EQMM has an annual strategic planning workshop every year however it was the first time to take place in Myanmar. The resource person for this year facilitated in local language therefore we all felt satisfied to discuss with our mother language which is no languages barrier each other. A strong strategic planning for next five years was established in workshop. We could get a space to discuss openly among staff members. Prior to time limitation, detail discussion for some issues could not be taken place however it will be continuing to discuss within the organization after the workshop.”

Program Officer of Colors Rainbow also said, “I was satisfied for this strategic planning workshop since we could review last year 2013 strategic planning. Moreover, only individual reflection was done in last year but team reflection also was done by this year. We were satisfied after reviewing session of our Colors Rainbow’s achievement, strength, weakness, and challenges because we could see how much we have done successfully in the past. A strategic planning for 2014 to 2018 of Colors Rainbow was established well in workshop.”

One of the Equality Myanmar trainer mentioned, “Planning for next five years were implemented well. Reviewing session was also good for me. However, I did not think we could get 100% achievement and expectation since it was only three days long workshop. Individual team had to split down as two team for discussion on the last day due to time limitation.”

Another trainer of Equality Myanmar added, “I believe this workshop was as much effective as we expected. For instance, we could establish the planning to reach our organization’s mission and vision either at individual level and organizational level.”


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