Statement for the delay to scrutinize and take action for the issue of the mob attack on the family of a Human Rights Defender


Statement for the delay to scrutinize and take action for the issue of the mob attack on the family of a Human Rights Defender

Statement Issue (1/ 2018) Date : 31st May, 2018

On 10 April 2018, an unknown person (male) entered into the building where Daw Yamin Wah Wah Maung,who is working on the activities of human rights awareness, live in 17 Quarter, Anee Sakhan, Pwin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Region and then he beat her father and two children, who are 11 years and 7 years old.

Due to this, her father and son with head injuries were sent to Pwin Oo Lwin hospital. The Perpetrator was charged with Pa/60 and reported to the police officer Win Bo and the police officer Wanna Toe, a prosecutor in Pyin Sar police station at Pwin Oo Lwin township. However, any action or necessary interrogation on the accused has not been taken yet till now.

Daw Yamin Wah Wah Maung said that as the perpetrator threatened her through phone-call, the case was reported to the police station, giving the police the phone number of the perpetrator. Now there has been over one month that the incident happened but the committer has not been taken action yet. Whenever enquired for this case, the police always say that they are still investigating it and the perpetrator has not been identified yet.

We, human rights defenders, believe that the attack on the family of Daw Yamin Wah Wah Maung may be related to her on-going activities working for land rights.

It is the obligation of state authorities including the police to ensure the safety and lives of the public as well as human rights defenders. In addition, when crimes occur, they have also responsible for scrutinizing the perpetrator promptly and takes immediate accordance to the law action.

We, human rights defenders, have so much concern on the issue of the delay to take action for the mob attack committed to such a human rights defender. Because of the absence of prosecuting the offender, the victim feels mentally and physically insecure. Thus, it can cause serious harm in doing current philanthropic work. It also allows to the perpetrator to commit crime rather than before without being afraid as they are not able to be arrested. It highlights that the situation of the rule of law is not deteriorating.

For this reason, we, human rights defenders, would like to urge the authorities to take necessary action for this case immediately. We also would like to request to show that you are the officials who respect human rights by examining and punishing the perpetrator without delay, and protecting the safety of the public including a human rights defender.



For more information,

U Aung Myo Min (Executive Director of Equality Myanmar) – 09- 448015306)

Daw Yamin Wah Wah Maung (09- 790719543)


Statement endorsed by :

  1. Second Tap Root
  2. Generation Wave (Mandalay)
  3. Peace, Development and Civic Education
  4. Association of Human Rights Defenders and Promoters (HRDP)

5.Mon state Women and Children Upgrade Conduct Organization (MWCUC)

6.Karen Information Center (KIC)

7.CAN Myanmar

  1. May Tharaphyu non-profit organization

9.Taw Win Thazin Women Group

  1. Kayin Open Group (KOG)

11.Ray of Light

12.Metta Campaign

13.Kings & Queens (K&Q)

  1. Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC)

15.Grip Hands

  1. Local Resource Center (LRC)

17.Equality Myanmar (EQMM)

  1. LGBT Rights Network
  2. Human Rights Educators Network (HREN)
  3. National Youth Congress (NYC)
  4. Northern Shan State CSO Network

22.Human Rights Defenders Forum (HRDF)

23.Alynn Mee Eain

24.Daw Moe Moe San

25.Daw Nyo Nyo San

26.Daw Yamin Wah Wah Maung

27.U Kyaw Soe Lin

28.U Sein Lin



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