Refresher Course for Trainers (Staff) for Year 2014 is


15 January – 2 February 2014 (Aungmyaythazan Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar)

Equality Myannmar Refresher Course for Trainers (Staff) for Year 2014.

Equality Myanmar conducted the Refresher Course for Trainers (Staff) in Mandalay Town from 15 January 2014 through 2 February 2014. It was an aspiration for the preparation of 2014 activities; trainers were empowered, updated the training curriculums, reviewed the past activities of Year 2013, and planned the structural and systematic approaches for the forthcoming activities in 2014.

This course was basically aimed for three main purposes; a) to upgrade the necessary knowledge on issues and skills, b) to update and modify the existing training curriculums/modules and do exercise on updated modules, and c) to discuss a detailed planned activities of Human Rights Education Program for the Year 2014.

The following topics were discussed in course: ‘Methodologies of Peace Building and Conflict Resolution’, ‘Diversity and non-discrimination’, ‘Facilitation Skills’, and ‘about Myanmar Human Rights Commission’. These were facilitated by the invited HR specialists from a variety of organizations.

The impacts of the refresher course were trainers’ knowledge was increased for above mentioned topics. It also made trainers to enchaining to build interpersonal peace and conflict resolution as well as getting new knowledge about MHRC. In terms of skills, trainers could learn new facilitation skills like SPOT and using stimulating whiteboard. Moreover, eight (5 days long) training modules were updated and it was practiced and reviewed by trainer staff. Then it could be enhanced to trainers’ capacity on modules preparation, knowledge, facilitation, and perspective on human rights issues. In addition, 2014 programmes and financial budget plan were illustrated after reviewing the accomplishments of past year 2013.

9 trainer staff, two admin & finance staff altogether 11 people were attended to the refresher course as well as EQMM senior trainers and invited trainers from other organizations.

The feedback and voices of the participants were as followed;
“We deeply understood about facilitation skills, as this course included the practical exercise about how to facilitate trainings, our self confidence was increased.”
“This course was valuable for the trainer staff and I saw a result that five days long trainings modules were finalized during the course”, and
“We have learned about positive thinking, methodologies of peace building and conflict resolution, the uses of ‘I’ message, and building attitude for better social communities.


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