INGOs and International Organizations and Embassies

Equality Myanmar provides accurate and up to date human rights information and insights into the climate for HR education and change in Myanmar. Equality Myanmar also works with UN Agencies, the European Union Delegation to Myanmar and a number of embassies throughout the year to provide the CSO perspective on human rights developments in Myanmar.

Local CSO networking

Equality Myanmar is actively involved in both national and international CSO movements for human rights. Nationally, it is working closely with a variety of local CBOs, CSOs and NGOs that have started to shift toward including human rights work along with their development service providing them with advice and guidance. Equality Myanmar is particularly active in bringing CSOs together regarding efforts to repeal or amend discriminatory laws and pushing for a fair and just legal framework. Equality Myanmar is one of the active organizations in organizing Women Forum, CSO forums and other national conferences on a variety of human rights issues.

EQMM’s technical approach to Advocacy is informed by more than 15 years of human rights experience in Myanmar, the South East Asia region and the international arena. We take a communal approach, centered on supporting Human Rights defenders and activists who seek to nurture inclusivity in their own states and regions. Through emphasizing on facilitating the human rights solutions and building long-term partnerships with international, regional and local stakeholders, we utilize tailoring each advocacy projects in targeted groups in providing legal reforms and advocacy strategy.