“Needing Sympathy” Music Video Released


The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB) has officially released a music video called “Needing Sympathy.” The video portrays the lives of children who face hardships generally reserved for much older people, as opposed to being allowed to attend school and work toward a better future.

Kyaw Thet Khaing, a member of the United Act Theater Group, composed this song in solidarity with these children who live in need of support and recognition. Myat Thu composed the music and members of United ACT performed in the video. Additionally, this song was used as the theme song of an anti-child trafficking play of the same name (“Needing Sympathy”).

Currently, the music video can be watched on HREIB’s website (www.hreib.com) and the Democratic Voice of Burma’s website (www.dvb.no).


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