The Burma/Myanmar Universal Periodic Review Forum July 2020

During the 2 Universal Periodic Review in 2015, Myanmar received 281
recommendations. 166 were “accepted” and 15 were “noted.”

  1. Ratifications and Cooperation with the UN System — Myanmar
    has ratified four out of nine core international human rights treaties.
    Following the last UPR Cycle, Myanmar acceded to the International
    Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 2017. Myanmar has
    refused cooperation with the UN Special Procedures. No visits have
    been conducted since the 2 UPR cycle. Myanmar blocked investigations
    by the Human Rights Council-mandated Independent International Fact-
    Finding Mission into alleged human rights violations committed by
    security forces, and the International Criminal Court’s probe for crimes
    against humanity including persecution, violence and forced deportation.
    In a landmark decision in January 2020, the International Court of Justice
    issued four specific provisional measures and ordered Myanmar to take
    immediate steps to prevent genocide of the Rohingya minority.

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