Minimum wage discussions to prioritize industrial laborers


U Myoe Aung, Director General of the Labor Department under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, stated on 10 October that discussions on revising the minimum wage would focus primarily on those who work in the industrial sector.

“We will first specify new minimum wage terms for those working in the manufacturing division, as this sector contains many foreign investments and these businesses employ more workers than other sectors,” he said.

The announcement was made at a meeting between delegates from the Labor Department under the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security and associated labor representatives and was held at the Pin-Lone Hall in North Dagon, Yangon.

Participants in the meeting examined the results of arecent survey conducted as part of the Yangon Division for Minimum Wage’s research scheme. This survey collected information on workers’ daily living expenses, proposed salaries and current salaries.

“We want there to be sufficient information available so that the terms of the new minimum wage aren’t decided on irresponsibly,” said Ko Naw Aung, the labor representative from Tha-Ra-Phu Iron Plant. “We want [the minimum wage]to at least cover workers’ daily living expenses.”

Data from the industrial and servicing sector will be discussed first, followed by the departments of fishery and agriculture.

Responses to the survey and resulting recommendations will be reported to the National Committee, which will then make a final decision on the establishment of a new minimum wage.