Building CSOs Capacity: Human Rights and Advocacy Project

As an Intermediate Support Organization (ISO), this project brings EQMM to work with  civil society organizations to strengthen their capacities to address human rights issues and influence and participate in policy dialogue and decision making in Myanmar. The project has so far reached to 21 different local civil society organizations (CSOs) in ten different states and regions through two different phases. A first phase that saw the advocacy capacities of 15 CSO strengthened and a second phase that took 6 new CSO in and continued building the capacities of the initial 15.

The project was designed to create opportunities for marginalized groups such as women, youth, LGBTI, persons with disabilities, indigenous populations and ethnic and religious minorities to participate in civil society processes, advocacy and policy reform. These demographics are now empowered to understand and access their rights and call for more inclusive policies that are in line with Human rights principles.

This project designed to conduct

– Project Orientation Meetings

– Advocacy Trainings conducted for 5 new APDs

– Onsite Support Visits for 5 new APDs

– End line Survey Meeting

– Strategy Development Onsite Support Visits for 15 old APDs

– Strategy Awareness Training Onsite Support Visits for 15 old APDs

– Strategic Collaboration Planning Meeting