Strengthening Human Rights Education and Networking

    • Strengthening Human Rights Education and Networking

      Training of Trainer

      • The ToTs will focus on building trainers’ facilitation skills and increasing their human rights knowledge in specific issues relevant to their communities, such as land rights and freedom of assembly. The trainers will develop modules on selected issues to then implement in their communities in a series of 5-day multiplier trainings spaced between each ToT.

      Multiplier Training

      • The final round of multiplier trainings will be structured around developing action-plans with the community participants to generate sustainable initiatives for improving the local human rights situation, supported by EQMM. Newly-recruited trainers will be mentored by alumni from EQMM’s trainer network, with an additional opportunity to intern at the HRE Training Centers in Yangon and Mandalay.

      Trainer Refresher course

      It is a month long Refresher Training of Trainers for the trainers based at the HRE centers. In addition to the intensive modules on human rights topics and training facilitation, the ToT will employ a critical focus on techniques such as action planning and documentation to encourage follow-up activities and enhance broader training impact. The course will emphasize a reflection on and analysis of lessons learned from 2013.

      Community mobilizing

      It is a program which is building sustainable ties with training participants that produce long-lasting effects toward improving the human rights situation. Such activities will take the form of discussion groups and open houses to share work plans, raise issues, and plan follow-up; and a small sub-granting program to provide funds for community projects such as community events, discussion forums, and human rights violation case documentation and reporting. Small grants will be made available on a case-by-case basis and closely managed by program and finance staff.

      Alumni Meeting

      • Alumni meet-ups for former and potential participants to share experiences, learn more, networking and collective human rights actions.