Human Rights

Human Rights Program

The Human Rights Program aims to cultivate a culture of human rights in Burmese society. To reach this goal, Equality Myanmar is engaged in a variety of methods of human rights education in the Burmese community. The objective of human rights education is to make people aware of their rights and empower them to improve their human rights situation. The Human Rights Program provides training opportunities to create human rights educators in Burma, in the communities from Burma settled on the borders between Burma and Thailand, China, India, and Bangladesh, and in organizations fighting for democracy and human rights in Burma. In addition to this Training of Trainers (ToT), Equality Myanmar provides an array of free educational materials in Burmese and other languages of Burma to further enable people from Burma to develop their understanding of their human rights, and empower and mobilize them as a result. These materials are in continuous demand and Equality Myanmar is always striving to reach the widest audience possible with its message.

Human Rights Awareness Music Project

Equality Myanmar recognizes the potential of music in reaching out to people, particularly young people, and uses this medium as part of its human rights education. In addition to its effectiveness as an educational tool, music is perfectly suited to community based campaign activities and can help Equality Myanmar increase its presence in media networks. Equality Myanmar has, over the past few years, created a large number of rights related songs and music videos which have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people via file sharing sites and social networking sites. These songs and videos, through their method of distribution, have allowed Equality Myanmar to reach a vast and varied audience. In addition, they have provided invaluable tools in training programs, allowing Equality Myanmar to use modern technology to more effectively educate people on issues surrounding human rights.