Human Rights Education’s Animation Cartoons


Equality Myanmar (formerly known as Human Rights Education Institute – Burma (H.R.E.I.B)) just recently produced a Human Rights Education’s Animation Cartoons on 5 May 2014.

The Equality Myanmar combined and produced a cartoon animation of UDHR, CEDAW, and other human rights educational stories.

It is just a collection of former Human Rights Animation Cartoons that has produced under the name of HREIB.

The album combined four episodes with four different topics including:


  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Visual)
  • Human Rights Educational Short Film Cartoons (8 episodes)
  • International Declaration of Human Rights (Cartoons)
  • Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (Cartoons)


This album is also co-assisted by Sai Yar Zar from one of Community Based Organization called “Self Reliance”, who acted as a sign language moderator for those hearing disabled persons.

The album came to be active with the support of the Norwegian People’s Aid and Equality Myanmar was in account for editing and footage.

In this DVD album, a lot of professional people such as celebrities, human rights activists, peace activists, vocalists, youths, expertise, and composer contributed for their time and knowledge.

This DVD album can be ordered via