Human Rights Defenders Network Meeting Commenced its First Meeting for the Year 2018


Human Rights Education Network Meeting was successfully commenced at Feb 26th and Feb 27th in Yangon, Thingagyun Township, Lay Pyay Hotel.

Total (30) human rights trainers from human rights education network the different divisions and states have attended this training. During this meeting, they have discussed about the challenges and success that they have faced according to the previous activity scheduled by the network and discussed about the future plan.

One of the members from the network from Kachin Region, Ma Gyi San Aung said “ This meeting has generated lots of benefits for network. This HREN meeting has better output and visualization compared to the other HREN meetings and this has given me a better ideas on how to do our activity more efficiently. There is stronger network between the members of this HREN networks as this meeting invites all the trainers from the various states and divisions so they can share their experiences and lesson learnt with us”.

The changes in the organizational structure and analyzing the objective of the network in detailed are discussed are some of the main events happened in the 2nd day of the meeting. The exclusive strategy for the next activities and how to make it stronger and effective are also discussed in this meeting.

There was a section where the discussion of finding the funding and how to promote and support the human rights defenders are some of the main agendas discussed in the meeting.

One of the members from Bago Division, Tharwara township, namely Ko Maung Maung Khine said “There are lots of things to learn from our senior trainers and I come to know how to make a stronger network between the members are some of the main things that I have learned from this training and I will do my best to perform systematically for the future activities.

There was a voting for the selection of (7) steering committee members who will lead the Human Rights Education Network and it is decided by vote from the trainers who have come to this meeting from different division and states of Myanmar.


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