HREIB conducts gender training for staff members


On August 21 and 22, HREIB held a gender training for staff members at the head office in Chiang Mai. The training focused on promoting gender equality, building staff’s anti-discrimination skills and capabilities, and encouraging equal participation within the work environment.

Sixteen staff members from Burma, the Philippines, Denmark and the United States participated in the training session. Participating staff from Burma included members of the Kachin, Burman, Karen, Mon, Dawei and Shan ethnic groups.

The trainer facilitated discussions about different perspectives on gender, gender stereotypes, power and gender relations, and the consequences of socially imposed gender roles.

Participants shared their experiences with one another on issues such as culturally bound notions of gender, the struggle for legitimacy, and strategies to promote gender equality.

This was the first gender training conducted for all HREIB office staff members.