HR Awareness Training Conduct in Magway Division


Aiming to achieve awareness of human rights and the farmland act, the equality Mandalay team conducted an awareness training from May 15th to 19th at the Wai Yan Bone Myint Buddhist monastery, Magway.

Human rights, land rights and farmland act were delivered. Participants were absorbed in training lessons including activities, mutual learning from each other, and a discussion involving different aspects and perspectives.

After the training, participants took duties in the different sectors of human rights education organization, Magway division, such as communication, training, news archives and broadcasting, auditory, finance, supply, coordinate and in-charge.

A member of the Magway student union U Sithu said, “Before I didn’t know what human rights were. I came to know it due to the training and will use this understanding as manual in my practical work environment.”

A member of National League for Democracy U Bo Nu said that he came to know the steps for filing a case from ward to village and so on to solve the farmland confiscation conflict in the Magway division.

Another participant U Thein Aung said he hadn’t known group rights before. He came to know the needs of group rights and what group rights are by the activities from this training.

With representatives from the National League of Democracy (NLD), National Democratic Force (NDF), state media group, journalists, student union and local organizations, overall 23 participants were involved in the training.

The Equality Myanmar trainers U Toe Wai Khine, U Aung Ko Min and Daw Nilar San conducted the training sessions.


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