HR and Freedom of Expression Training


Equality Myanmar (YGN) has completed successfully for six days training on the topic of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression , started from 10th – 15th June 2013.

This training intended for those who are working as a political activists, media activists and political parties members.

The issues contributed in the training including basic human rights issue for three days and about freedom of expression and freedom of assembly for the rest three days.

All these issues are discussed through comparing and analyzing between the existing national laws, customary laws and international human rights laws and standards.

The training has been conducted through dynamic participatory activities such as group discussion, group presentation and experience sharing. The training has ended with a fully informative, fun, inspiration and self reflection.

Overall 17 participants, 8 female and 6 male, representing different political parties and CBOs, joined this training actively.

Most of participants in this training, taking leadership position in their organization, are elder people who have so much experience in political activist fields. Participants represent former political prisoners, lawyer, former 1990 elected candidate, civic educator, party chairman and women rights activist and so on.

These diverse background and position of participants caused this training with full of debate, prestigious and excitement.


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