“His Plot of Land”–HRBA Documentary shoot


From July 4 to 6, HREIB’s A/V team travelled to Mae Sot to shoot footage for a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) documentary, titled “His Plot of Land.”

AGAPE Orphanage and Learning Center provided the backdrop for the shoot. The documentary tells the story of the Learning Center’s establishment and the work of its headmaster.

The documentary is centered on the efforts the headmaster and his fellow co-founders to raise awareness in the Mae Sot region on child rights issues, including the right to education and the right to participate. The founders of the Learning Center have strived for the Burmese migrant school to gain recognition from Thai authorities.

The documentary will be released in early September 2012 on Equality Myanmar website: http://wchildww.equalitymyanmar.org



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