Grassroots Groups

‘Supporting Grassroots Groups to Protect Human Rights in Myanmar’

This project aims to address the aforementioned gaps in Myanmar’s civil society by building the organizational capacity and advocacy skills of three local civil society organizations (CSO) working to improve the human rights situation of vulnerable groups – LGBT persons, farmers, ethnic minorities and internally displaced persons – in and around Yangon, Bago, and Loikaw, to be able to systematically address human rights issues through community mobilization and advocacy. Through tailored onsite capacity building and subgrant support, the CSOs will be capacitated to effectively and sustainably implement a community mobilization and advocacy project that addresses a local problem from a rights based perspective.

We expect these activities to result in increased capacities among the target CSOs, as well as small community actions that address human rights violations in the target areas. The benefits of capacity building will be sustained if they are genuinely useful to the participants in achieving positive outcomes for human rights, to which this project is designed to support. As for deliverables, by the end of the project the target CSOs will each produce at least one information product, such as a training manual or user guide, to act as a multiplier of their subgrant project and add to the sustainability of benefits.