Grant Award and Orientation Workshop


A grant award and orientation workshop was held from 29th April to 30th April 2019 at Grand United Hotel in Yangon.

Kings N Queens helping for vulnerable groups, Kayinni Human Rights Group and Pann Taung Farmer Union were awarded grants by Equality Myanmar.

Ko Lynn (Pann Taung Farmer Union), the project manager, said, “ As for me, it was so beneficial. During the 2 – day workshop, I understood clearly the policies of Equality Myanmar. For our organization, the information can provide us to draw up required policies within our organization.”

In order to deal with human rights affairs systematically and provide in conducting a public campaign and building advocacy skills through the campaign, three civil society organizations were provided financial aid and contract agreement including financial agreement and policy orientation.

The organizations which received sub-grants were also well aware of the policies of EQMM. In addition, bilateral contracts among EQMM and relevant organizations were successfully signed.

Ko Banyar (Director of Kayinni Human Rights Group) said, ” I’ve completely understood the format used by EQMM. We got new knowledge, new learning. Thank for support, too.”

He also added that he was interested in Equality Myanmar’s policies such as Gender and Disable Inclusion Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy.” They think that the policies are better than they expected.

The workshop was attended by 8 males and 10 females. 


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