Forum -Asia Working Paper on Business and Human Rights

Greetings from FORUM-ASIA
We are happy to share the new FORUM-ASIA working paper on Business and Human Rights for your perusal and support. This is a part of our new initiative to enhance the knowledge profile of FORUM-ASIA. In the next few months we will have a series of round table on Business and Human Rights with the Universities, civil society organisations and platform. If you plan to have any event, please feel free to use this material. If you plan to organize a round table or seminar on Business and Human Rights Please let us know.
ASIA Centre will be organizing an international conference on Business and Human Rights and FA will be a co-organizer of this event.
We thank all our members and  those in the youth network for contributing very relevant case studies. I would also like to appreciate the sincere efforts of Lorenzo who worked closely with me taking this new initiative forward. Our next two working papers will be on Human Rights Based Approach to SDGs, and Enhancing Civic spaces : Challenges and opportunities. We encourage our members and staff to contribute to these knowledge products of FORUM-ASIA.
We also request our members to help organizing events and process on Business and Human Rights .
Look forward to have your support and  advice

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