Basic Human Rights Training at Kale Townshp


10 – 14 March 2014 ( Kale Township, Sagaing Division, Myanmar )

Equality Myanmar (formerly known as Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (H.R.E.I.B)) HRE Program Team (Mandalay) has successfully completed five days basic Human Rights training in Thanphoe Village, Kale Township, Sagaing Division in Myanmar.

It was held in one of the local AG Christian Churches from 10 – 14 March 2014. It has been the very first training for the office of the Equality Myanmar (Mandalay) during 2014.

The participants about 25, Female 21/Male 4, majority belonging to Chin Ethnics, were invited in the training. They also represented from different Christian Churches including LBC, Redemer, Church of Christ, Abenezior, RBC, Roman Catholic Convention, AG Baptist Church, JCC, and other individuals.

In the training, several topics of Human Rights were discussed including the principles and characteristics of Human Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Comparisons between Constitutional Chapter (8) and UDHR, and the complaint mechanism.

The aims of the training were to understand the basic Human Rights, to know how to take actions for the protection of Human Rights and to counter various Human Rights violations happening in the community. The training was conducted through different kinds of participatory methods such as two-ways centered dialogues, group discussions, presentations, and using visual tools.

The advantages of the training included identifying various discrimination-based cases faced by women in their daily life, realization of equality and dignity for all human beings, the concept of mutual respects between different ideologies and religions, awareness of local law and fundamental citizenship rights, realizing the different channels of complaint mechanism for the protection of Human Rights violations.

One of the participants from the training commented that “I really like about one of the articles which mentioned everyone should be equal in law. I used to have fear before this training but now I feel that I am active and not being afraid of un-justice as long as I am on the right position. I am also thinking to share to those who are in need for the protection of legal justice. ”.

One female participant also quoted as “Every child has same dignity regardless of their behaviors and types. And I also used to think that those who are rich, religion leaders, and authority people have only human rights. But now, I can clarify between different group rights and the concept of non-discriminations, and diversity in unity.”

Another trainee also exposed that “I came to realize that this five days training has been very useful more than I expected, specifically about the complaint mechanisms. Because most of the participants in the ethnic area do not know the procedure of complaint mechanism and writing appealing letter.”


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