Annual Staff Planning Meeting


Annual Staff Meeting was successfully held on 18th -20th February 2019 at Sedona Hotel, Yangon.

Saya U Aung Myo Min, Executive Director, said, “The government has responsibility to respect, protect and fulfill. It is necessary to collect information and essential to do human rights education and advocacy which are also human rights actions. So also it is not only the obligation of the government but also the responsibility of the public.”

And then, he also highlighted C4C for the relevant group and the staff, saying that “The most important one is commitment that we should be aware in our mind. It is necessary to have strong commitment with strong decision, courage and diligence so as to be the good people who are enthusiastic to work for human rights and realize the essence of human rights. Within a period of 20 years of our organization, there also have been increasing the number of staff. Whatever the staff list has increased or changed, all the employees who join our organization need to have commitment to work for human rights.It is also important to have strong commitment to work on human rights for all. Another “C” is coordination. Each person needs to cooperate with one another. It is necessary to have spirit of collaboration. The last “C” is communication. Not only communicating with internal staff, all should be enthusiastic to work together with other groups and communicate with them.

During the meeting, reviewing the previous year’s activities and internal projects were done. In addition, the better strategic plans that are in accordance with the vision of the organization were also drafted.