Equality Myanmar aims to build up a strong network of organizations and activists across different sectors and levels of Myanmar society for the advancement of human rights for all. The recent reforms in the country have given way to opportunities for organizations with experience in human rights to engage more directly with duty bearers and decision makers at the local, regional and national levels. EQMM wants to seize this opportunity to make a real difference for human rights in Myanmar and so we are complementing our traditional Human Rights Education approach with a renewed Advocacy Strategy designed to bring the voices of those most vulnerable to those that are accountable for their wellbeing. In cooperation with partners and external resource persons, EQMM is coordinating and support advocacy efforts that target both rights holders and duty bearers – representatives of state institutions and political decision-makers-.

In essence, EQMM has strengthened its efforts to provide participatory human rights education while also effectively channeling the concerns and issues from a grassroots level into spheres of authority and duty-holding. At the same time, EQMM has continued to empower civil society actors to engage with authorities in Myanmar and with UN agencies and international human rights advocates.

EQMM Advocacy Strategy is composed of its Core Advocacy Programme and more targeted, theme-focused advocacy efforts.