A Basic Human Rights and Women’s Rights Trainings Was Successfully Conducted in Thamine


The Equality Myanmar Yangon team organized the basic human rights and women’s rights training from May 13th to 18th in the Equality Myanmar training centre in Thamine, Yangon.

The purpose of the training was to network with training participant organizations, to join working with them to the grass root level, to maximize the knowledge of human rights and women rights around Yangon and neighboring townships, and to promote human rights culture in daily life and working environment due to the lessons learnt from the training such as gender identity and women’s rights.

Human rights related lessons such as human rights definition, 30 articles of the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), human rights development, HR types as well as women’s rights related lessons such as sex and gender identity, gender role, stereotype, gender based violence and Convention of the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) were focused to deliver during the training session.

Khin Phone Wai, a member of a political party, said, ”I have heard about human rights for so long, but I didn’t understand. I got to understand about human rights after this training. Moreover, I came to know the adaptation of the culture of rights and responsibilities.”

A participant added, “I won’t try to violate the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and will share it with my neighboring who don’t know about it through different ways.”

Another participant said, “If everyone knew about human rights, they could ask for their rights. They would be able protect their rights as well as other people’s rights.”

Another participant added, “Due to this training I came to know what a citizen should participate as an active citizen in order to develop the nation. Furthermore, as a trainer I will continue sharing the knowledge that I achieved from this training into my further training.”

Participants from NLD, lawyer council, women organizations, democracy and women peaceful network, social welfare organizations and human rights activists, totaling 17 people, participated. The training was based in Yangon, but there were some interested participants from the Bago division as well.

Equality Myanmar trainers’ Ko Aung, Ko Ye Min and Ma Nandar conducted the training sessions.


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