Policies and Procedures

  Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual

The policies and procedures presented are implemented to support staff, management, and the organization. They are intended to help ensure that staff is treated equally, and have redress in cases where a staff member believes that he/she has been treated unfairly.
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 Child Protection Policy

The Child Protection Policy sets out common values, principles, and beliefs and describes the steps that will be taken in meeting our commitment to protect children and aims to:

  1. Protect the rights of children who may be directly or indirectly involved in EQMM’s programs and activities.
  2. Ensure that staff, representatives, and staff of member organizations take all judicious steps to ensure that children they are in contact with are treated with respect and dignity, are protected, and are kept safe from harm.

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 Sexual Harassment Policy

All employees of Equality Myanmar have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and to be protected against harassment in the workplace. EQMM holds the responsibility to identify and prevent sexual harassment and to develop a culture of dignity and respect in the work environment. EQMM will respond to sexual harassment complaints, reports, and allegations with prompt and appropriate corrective action in order to stop prohibited conduct, eliminate any hostile environment, take steps to prevent the recurrence of sexual harassment, and address any effects in the workplace from such conduct. EQMM encourages all members of the organization to report any concerns or complaints of sexual harassment.The Sexual Harassment policy is meant to inform the employees about what conduct constitutes sexual harassment, the ways and means EQMM adopts to prevent occurrence of any such event, and, in the event of such an occurrence, to enable a fair mechanism for dealing with such conduct.
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 Accounting and Finance Manual

Finance & accounting management is an area within the organization that needs better definition. The purpose of this manual is to outline the current standard policies and procedures in use in a way that makes them more understandable, effective, facilitates follow-up and makes reporting more consistent.
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 Anti-Corruption Policy
I. Policy Statement
The EQMM Anti- Corruption Policy is a living document that reinforces EQMM human rights based principles and values. This document is a work in progress, bearing in mind EQMM’s practice of consultations, meetings and one-on-one engagement with the staff from different
levels of the organizational structure. This policy has been strongly informed by an interactive process involving staff members articipating in defining and discussing corruption, cultural understanding, tolerance and effective remedies. The purpose of this policy is to outline our three pronged approach to addressing corruption through awareness, prevention and solutions, creating a culture of transparency and accountability.

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